Hello, I’m Jess.

I started my working life as a TV reporter and was stationed in a lot of small regional towns around Queensland, where I made some wonderful friends and fierce, though fleeting enemies (I was dramatic like that). Eventually I made my way to the big city, where I hosted a kids news show before working as a court reporter.

Amidst all of this, I was VERY unhappy - so after about six years, I cut off all my hair, got a nose ring, and moved to London (I was cliched like that). Determined to make a break from news, I studied magazine design at a fashion college, before taking a job at a financial news cable channel because I desperately needed money. The whole scenario wasn’t that different from what I ran away from in the first place.

It was around this time that I met and fell in love with my husband, an Englishman, so I cancelled my flight home and stayed in the UK. The abridged version of what follows goes something like this: we got hitched, had a fat little baby together (who’s now bigger and rather a lot thinner); I picked up a camera, we moved back to Australia, and things started falling into place.

So here I am. Finally telling stories that mean something to me. And hopefully to you.

I’m based in South-East Queensland.

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Wow! I am blown away, I’m actually speechless. These images are absolutely amazing. As I was clicking through the photos I began to feel really emotional and tears began to fill my eyes. You captured perfect lifelong memories for my family and we will forever be thankful. You are wonderfully talented. You were everything and more than what I was looking for in a photographer. We really appreciate your patience and kind heart.
— Tosin