Some Things You Might Like To Know

When booking me:

A non-refundable 20% deposit fee is required at the time of booking in order to reserve your time with me. That way I know you’re serious and I’m serious and we’re all serious about making this session happen.

I happily allow two date changes because of serious illness or crazy weather. I know everyone has their hearts set on sunny days as a backdrop, but moody skies can be great too.

How you can prepare:

It’s important we find shooting locations that mean something to you - places you regularly go as a family, activities you enjoy doing together. And that might just mean bath time, mucking around in the living room or a picnic on the beach (or all three!). 

My images are intended to be a snapshot in time, so you can look back on them and marvel at how weird and wonderful life was. What you don’t want to notice is how outrageously dated your outfits were, or why you were strangely overdressed for an afternoon in the backyard. As some general advice: Dads should steer clear of business shirts because it looks like they’re going to work, no big logos on kids or bow ties on babies and avoid matching shirts. Think general coordination, not matching. Earthy tones tend to stand the test of time. I’m always happy to give advice on specific outfits.

The session:

I shoot in a documentary style - so I love to see how you relate to your loved ones. I also like to sneak a few portraits in throughout the session as everyone warms up to me. I aim to spend up to two hours with you and your family for a regular session. We can spend that time however you like, but I think the best images come from natural situations.

Each session plays out differently, depending on your situation. Families with small kids tend to just run crazy; whereas those with little babies will be more sedate and there’ll be more room for staged photos. Newborn skin photographs beautifully, so let’s warm up your home in preparation for those images.

What you'll receive:








Depending on what type of session you've booked, I aim to provide between 30 and 80 highly-edited digital images via a private online gallery, for you to download within a month of your session. These are included in the price of your shoot. As for your deliverables, I’ll provide two versions of those images: high-resolution images capable of being printed to about A3 size (that’s mega), and web-optimised images that are perfect for posting on social media (if you so desire). I don’t watermark my work, because I think that’s weird, and you’re free to use your images however you like. I always send out a USB stick for all my full-priced sessions.

I’m so proud of the families I work with and I love to post my work on my website and social media pages, so please let me know ahead of the shoot if you’d prefer me not to.